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Our team is a balance of leaders from both the business and IT side of retail-seasoned specialists with the retail and technology expertise to dig in with our customers to understand their business today and plan for tomorrow. We're always looking for retail leaders and IT experts.

- Rupesh Pradhan, Executive Vice President

We’re an IT consulting firm, and we need smart business people- a balance of IT specialists and retail gurus. So if you’re a seasoned merchant, buyer or analyst looking for a chance to bring the expertise you’ve developed throughout your career to new project and new retail categories, we’re looking for you.

While Logic is a traveling consulting firm, the culture and environment is similar with each project. The approach is team-based and encourages relationship building and knowledge sharing. Employees are compelled to support one another and feel empowered knowing that they have a team of experts available when needed. Our employees believe Logic leadership genuinely cares about their welfare and does a great job catering to individual needs. People who work here are empowered to do their job and everyone has the opportunity to make a big impact.

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