A Business Case for Transforming Retail IT

Say goodbye to cost centers and hello to business enablement organizations.

Over the last decade, three major trends have changed the face of retail IT: much of the retail IT solutions stack has been commoditized by the technology industry, single-vendor suites have eclipsed the best-of-breed approach, and the Cloud is changing the way the entire application stack is delivered and supported. Still, most retail IT departments are organized no differently than they were ten years ago.

To leverage technology advancements and compete in today’s retail economy, retail IT organizations must transform now. By downloading this complementary white paper “A Business Case for Transforming Retail IT,” you will learn:


  • How to build a retail IT department perceived as a business value generator
  • The blueprint for a retail IT org structure 100% aligned with the business
  • Where to most effectively leverage the Cloud and 3rd-party managed services
  • When to lean on external providers vs. internal resources

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