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Who would have guessed that a smartphone app could have created the stir that Pokemon GO has created in the past week. For those uninitiated, this augmented reality game from Nintendo “spawns” Pokemon...


Over the past decade, online selling and then omnichannel retail capabilities have drawn the bulk of the media attention when it comes to retail. This topline focus has fueled the growth...



In prior newsletters we have consistently illustrated the mastery of the Amazon and Walmart business models in eliminating competitors in virtually every space in which they have chosen to become dominant. In both cases, these retail giants have foregone immediate profitability...
In an interesting twist, social platforms have determined that there is little to be gained by selling retailer's goods directly on their service. Rather than continue to pursue the "buy button" concept (explored by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest), these social site giants have discovered...
For those retailers about to embark on significant changes in their organization, you would be wise to heed the advice offered by the Harvard Business Review this month. In a nutshell, they suggest that retailers not lose sight of the fundamental reasons why they are implementing change. All...

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