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We’ve seen the market disruption, and at least short-term consumer benefits, which can happen in a sector where one of the players becomes significantly larger than the competitive landscape and as a result can develop capabilities beyond the reach of their closest rivals. As an example,...


A new report, cited by RetailCustomerExperience.Com reveals 43 percent of business chiefs cite that there are more important business strategies to focus on than customer experience.  Yet, in direct contrast, 76 percent of those same company leaders believe that if they don't focus on customers...


It is nearly impossible to imagine that someone has not encountered this unusual form of self-portraiture. Even before one of the most famous selfies of all time was posted by Ellen...


Many view the ascension and success of Uber, currently by far the best alternative to taxis in most major metropolitan markets (now 400 cities in 59 countries) and spreading like wildfire...

Currents events have served to highlight the challenges of diversity and the limiting impact the lack of diversity can have from the movies we watch in the theater to the day-to-day decisions we make as we run our businesses. And of course the media is quick to play on the public's seemingly...

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